Kristoffer Ewald

Kristoffer Ewald is a serial Entrepreneur. Currently acting as CTO, and previously as CIO and CEO. Investor in a portfolio of digitally focussed early stage startups and Advisor to an even broader group. Expertise in execution of digital strategy, particularly in the fields of Data & analytics, Machine Learning and Blockchain. Originally from Denmark, now living in Zug, Switzerland.

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Kristoffer Ewald
Kristoffer Ewald is an internationally recognised specialist on digital strategy execution.

Kristoffer's been in the Internet Industry since 1996, starting Businesses, Consulting, in Managing roles, and giving Lectures and Key-Notes on how to drive business growth digitally.

Until late 2018 Kris was the CIO in - a digital French consultancy focused on Data and Machine Learning, where he over a 10 year period build a leading data consulting group across multiple global locations.

Then in 2019 he acted as Interim Head of - a subsidiary in The Hague, Netherlands.

Followed by a role in 2020 as CTO in - a software startup.

Parallel to these Kris became the member of the Board of Directors in a growing number (+6) of digitally focussed businesses and Advisor to several more.

Since 20 years an avid public speaker at a long list of industry events across the globe, Kris still enjoys the dialogue and ability to share learnings with the industry.


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